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    display scaling


      Long story short my awesome gaming laptop died and now im limping along on this thing. I have a problem where when on HDMI to tv output the screen is just a smidge to big and I cant see the x button or scroll bar on browser and some icons on desktop are off to the left. Due to the awful intel graphics that I am living with on this thing I am unable to scale properly to get things to fit properly, the built in Windows 10 scaling is not helpful either, is there are third party solution, or any solution to remedy this problem? It should be noted that I can change settings on the TV HDMI MODE from Video to Graphic and it fits but its blurry and sadly no way to set aspect ratio on TV as it too is poopy lol

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          Hello mstichler:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          Here you can find some recommendations for this situation.


          1. Look for the latest graphics driver for your laptop in the manufacturer website.

          2. If the driver for the manufacturer is not supported in windows 10, uninstall the current driver, restart and let windows install the default driver.

          3. Test different resolutions and check which are the supported resolutions in your TV.

          4. Test the system with a different HDMI cable.


          Another option would be to contact directly the OEM or manufacturer of your device, to advise you with any additional troubleshooting from their end.



          Esteban C