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    Problem with my graphics driver


      Been having problems with my Intel 4600 HD for a few weeks now and am wondering if there's any fix. I installed windows 10 months ago and an error started popping now out of the blue that my windows 8 (?!) driver stopped responding. At first it would blue screen my pc, then I updated to a beta driver through Driver Talent now it just flashes my screen for a bit and restarts. Problem is it does it so often its annoying. I can't watch videos anymore without being interrupted. The beta driver also messed up the colors of my screen. It all seems way more dimmed than it should be and it flickers to its previous state for a few seconds every once in a while. Sadly my laptop is from Toshiba and Intel Download Center prevents me from updating the drivers because they are not from Toshiba. And based on my recent experience with customer support, i heavily doubt they can help.