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    No Audio on DX48BT2+Win7


      Is anyone using a DX48BT2 with Windows 7 x64 andgetting sudio from the onboard audio?


      I have a computer that's using a DX48BT2 motherboard and running Windows 7 x64. I'm having trouble with the audio for it (I'm using the onboard audio). The drivers in the section for that motherboard do not list any audio drivers for Win7 x64, so I installed the IDT* 92XX Drivers (the only ones that were listed) even though it doesn't have Win7 listed in the supported OS section. So far I haven't been able to get anoy sound out of it. Everything is behaving normally, but I'm just not getting any audio.


      I'm not sure if this is a driver problem, or something else. I was just wondering if anyone else has the same setup and if they are able to get the audio to work or not. This is just one step in troubleshooting my problem, so I wanted to know if it will work at all seeing as how the drivers don't say that they support Win7. If you are running Win7 on a DX48BT2 and have the onboard audio working with the drivers from the Intel site, let me know. If it didn't, and you had to do some things to get it to work please let me know as well.

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          Okay, I finally got it working. I guess the drivers are the wrong ones and won't work with Win7 x64. I uninstalled the drivers through the device manager and clicked the check box to delete the program after uninstalling. Once I restarted, Windows installed the default Windows audio drivers and now everything's working properly.