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    DP35DP only flashes dos cursor...


      I installed windows 7 on a SATA hhd and i have 2 other sata HHD drive for storage. One IDE HHD and One IDE DVD-RW drive. After installing windows 7, everything worked fine, and then after the first restart, my IDE HHD drive disappeared from my computer. Next day i started the computer again and this time my IDE DVD-RW disappeared from my computer. Restarted the computer after check all the connections in my computer and now i cannot boot up windows at all and just displays a doc cursor in the top left corner of the screen. I tried disconnecting all IDE drive and still no change. I updated BIOS to latest version and still no change. I removed my system sata drive and it showed that i dont have a boot disk. then i plugged in both my IDE DVD-RW drive and my SATA system drive and now it allows me to boot from my DVD-RW drive but doesnt boot from SATA system drive. So I am installing windows 7 again on the same SATA drive, and on reboot it shows that i have 2 windows installations. I have no idea what happened! Is there a way to fix this?