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    X25-M G2 sequential read and other questions




      I have Intel X25-M G2 160GB SSD drive. It works great! However there is one thing I am...cuorius about.

      Please look and the linear transfer rate graph below:


      You can see some dips in the line at the beginning then at 50 percent mark.

      When I just installed windows 7 there was only a little dip at the beginning, now after drive is working 141 hours and 28 percent of space is filled you can see more oh those dips in linear graph. They are consistent and repeated tests show simmilar pattern.

      I am in no way dissapointed with this drive, it worked very fast and works very fast just as before, I am just curious what it is.

      Rest of the system specs:


      Windows 7 Home Premium

      AHCI drivers by Microsoft

      BIOS set to AHCI mode

      Core 2 Duo E8200

      8GB of RAM

      Asus P5E (X38) motherboard

      Currently no HDD is connected


      I updated firmware to the newest 02HD before windows 7 install and did a clean install formating SSD.

      There is ONE MORE thing...during firmware update from boot cd I got a message about update error and suggestions to SATA to IDE mode and try again.

      However, when I tried again I got a message that firmware is already updated. I check with HDTune and HDD Sentinel an they both also show firmware to be up to date. So I quess it's fine then?