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    Games move slow because of the graphs



      i have a Toshiba Satellite L500 -1EK  with a Mobile Intel gma 4500m and ive installed some newer games  like batman AA , Dragon age , Farcry 2 etc and most of them move slow while i try to play them i tryed lowering detalies and textures and it moves a little better but there is still a delay of 2 seconds . I ve tryed getting the latest driver for the graph card but i coundt find one and i also tryed to increase the maximum graph memory but i coundn't and i dont know what else i can do ? I would also what to know if the problem is with the graphs or something else.Also other low textured games work really good !





      Message was edited by: stef200610 Yea so i also want to ask if the graph card is good for gaming ?