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    please hellllpppppp!!!!


      I have a DG35EC MB and a E7600 Core 2 Duo Processor. the thermal monitor shows a  processor temperature higher than 100 celcius degrees even when had recently started. i think this is wrong but i don´t know how to solve it. please help me!!!

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          First thing to do is to:
          Update the Bios to the latest one Version 0117 using the recovery mode:



          Read the ReadMe File Page 3 how to do the recovery method or check the video


          2) Where are you reading the temperature from?


          3) Are you using any tools? If yes which one


          After the BIOS Update, try to read the temperature from the BIOS.


          a) Advanced >> Hardware Configuration
              ProcHot must be negative. Note ProcHot was present for new desktop board, you may not have this features.
              For example, if the temperature is -21C, this means that it is still ok, as you have 21 more degrees to go for it to be critical.


          b) Use the tools from Intel to read the temperature
              Website: IDU


          Note: This cpu can go up to 74.1C (even 5c more i will say).


          If you have temperature higher than 75C using the Intel Desktop Utilities, then it can be due to any of these:
          a) bad integration
          b) PSU not ATXv2.2
          c) Chassis is not TAC (Thermally Advantage Chassis)


          Try different bios version

          Test the system out of the chassis.

          Check fan connections


          Hope this may help you.



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            hello friend,
            thank you for answer me, i already installed the last bios update (0117) and
            i am reading the temperature directly from the MB setup, the   ProcHot
            feature is not available  in my MB setup.


            the major problem is  the system  doesn´t  ¨wake up¨ when  restarted


            when  i use an E2200  Pentium Dual Core processor there is no problem.


            thank you again for your help and  i will gladly follow any  other tip you
            can offer me..


            my best regards,
            Jorge Luis.

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              I have the same issue.  Intel is either ignoring the problem or they just don't care to fix it.  This happens with any 45nm processor.  The the individual cores report the correct temperature, but the CPU temperature is always reported at 102 upon bootup.  I bet you also can't do a restart and you have to power off everytime you quit your OS, am I right?  It doesn't even restart just getting in and out of the BIOS before even loading the OS.