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    DG41RQ: Screen does not switch on when usb keyboard is connected.


      Hi there. Merry Christmas to all. My first post here and I hope you can help.

      System: Q9400 on DG41QR motherboard. 2GB ram, ide and sata hdd.


      I have 2 systems on intel motherboard that gives me problems when used with an usb keyboard. I will just discuss the 1 pc here as I can't remember the specs of the other pc.

      The screen (ctr) will not switch on. The green light blinks on the screen and that is all. The pc seems to boot okay. This all happens when an usb keyboard is connected to back or front ports. Usb flash drive does not have this effect. When I use a PS2 keyboard, everything works fine.

      Any help would be appreciated. I checked ram, hdd, cables and psu. XP Pro used.



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