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    Is my PSU powerful enough to power these components without any problems?


      Right, so I'm about to purchase an Intel Core I5 750, but I'm not sure if my PSU can handle it. (I don't want any annoying reboots or similiar problems occuring.)


      The PSU in question is a 430 w. NetQ (Swedish brand.) It's got 24 a. on the 12 v. rail.


      And these are the components it's supposed to power:


      CPU: Intel Core I5 750. (No, I won't do any overclocking.)


      GPU: ATi Radeon HD 4670 .


      RAM: 4 Gb DDr3.


      1 DVD drive .


      1 Harddrive.


      2 case fans.


      I've asked this same question in other forums, and most of them tells me I'm going to be fine, as both the 4670 and the I5 are quite power-efficent.

      But I thought I'd ask in here, too, just to be sure.