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    i7 920 only seeing one core


      I recently purchased an i7 920 processor and am running it on an ASUS P6X58D Premium motherboard with the latest BIOS.

      I am not able to see more than one core running.


      The motherboard has the number of processor cores option set to Auto (the other choices are 1 and 2).


      I've looed at msconfig -> boot-> advanced -> number of processors, but it only has 1 as an option.


      Real Temp, CPUID all report one core.


      The intel utility "Processor Identification Utility" reports 4 cores and no reported problems.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about determining if 4 cores are in fact running, and if not, how I might go about diagnosing the problem.  I contacted both Intel and Asus technical support and they both point fingers at each other and recommend returning the others product for a replacement.  I can do that, but it will take at 2 to 3 week turn around, and being without my main system that long isn't any fun.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Imdage1.jpgdownload Cinebench R10 (google it) and run a test in on the Rendering (x CPU) and if u only get the score of around 4000+- or same as Rendering (1 CPU) it is faulty (this actualy happed to a mate of mine and it was faulty).

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            I was suffering the same problem.


            For me the following steps (in VISTA) were the solution:

            Goto msconfig:

            General - selective start up - use original boot configuration (in dutch: "originele opstartconfiguratie")

            After restart, all cores were visible at my computer in the task manager and in MSconfig.

            If so then select manual all services and startup items.


            I hope this will do.