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    N280 only running @ 1.33ghz (common problem)


      Hi, is anyone here aware of the N280 proc only running at 1.33ghz?  This appears to be a flaw in the settings intel EIST provided to the manufacturers for use in their bios.  All netbooks running this proc have the same issues (except the MSI ones, who have released a BIOS update).


      Here is a link to some detail



      My question is, does intel know of the problem, and can it be fixed?  I've tried Acer support and they've been terrible.  They want me to pay for tech support, though I know what the issue is and just want to make sure they are aware so they can release a bios fix!


      Anyone else have experience with this?  Ideas how to fix it?  Kind of defeats the purpose of spending more to get the n280 when it is running at a lower clockspeed than the n270!


      Thanks All!