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    Help needed setting up a matrix raid 10 with 2 hard disks...


      Hi. I searched many forums, and read many topics but couldn't find an answer to my situtation. I have a running windows 7 64bit on a raid configured single hard drive (on a p45 ICH10R chipset mainboard). I'd like to set up a raid matrix array with 2 raids on 2 hard disks. I have 2 identical 500 gb hdd and would like to use 100 gb of them for raid0 and the remaining space for raid1. I guess this is possible using intel matrix storage manager, but I don't know what to do first as I do have data on my first hard drive and don't want to lose them. I have two partitions now, one for windows and one for my data; and I'd like to have my system partition on raid0 and my data partition on raid1. Is this possible without os reinstallation? Thank you very much for your help guys.