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    Overclock my Cpu FSB to synchronize Ram?


      I have an older system:

      P4 2.80 Ghz, FSB 533 (133x4)

      Mobo: Asus P5P800-VM, FSB 800

      Video memory: 1GB DDR400 (2x200Mhz)


      As you can see, CPU (133Mhz x 21) is not synchronized with the Video memory (200Mhz x 2), i know the best ratio is 1:1, also a good one would be 1:2. Instead of underclocking my Ram to DDR 266 (133x2) I think i should better oveclock my CPU's FSB to 800 (200x4). I am aware that I have to decrease the multiplier, cause the frequency would get up to 4200Mhz, so this is the change i want to make:


      FSB 533, x21 = 2800 Mhz



      FSB 800, x14 = 2800 Mhz


      i will keep my clock speed the same, i will just adjust the fsb to fit with the rest of the system. I've searched much about this but i couldn't find what i was looking for, can you please tell me if this overclock/underclock will affect the stability of my system?


      Thank you in advance