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    dg45fc Motherboard has a problem with CPU FAN



      I installed a Windows 2003 server on a Intel DG45FC Mother with a Dual Core Processor which has an Intel CPU Fan.


      The server is always on, but not always being used.  The CPU FAN is increasing in Speed On/Off all the time (in 1-2 second intervals).


      The CPU fan regular speed is always ON and every 1-2 seconds it increase the speed of the CPU fan making an annoying noise (due to fan speed) and 1-2 seconds later returns back to normal quiet speed.


      I am sure it is due to the Server utilization as it goes on All day long even when the server is not connected to anything.


      Is there a Bios setting or some Operation system setting that can stop this?   I understand that the CPU FAN needs sometimes to speed up when the CPU get's hot to disperse the heat, but it happening ON/OFF all the time seems like a setting or bug.


      Please advise.