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    processor upgrade because of Dell frustration :(

      I just tried to buy a Dell M6500 with an i7-920XM and I was very surprised that I could not order it!!!! It's not available despite thousands of adds and they were extremely unfriendly and didn't returned the call like promissed after waiting 1 hour on the line :-[] Anyway, well... I just decided to wait for a Lenovo or HP mobile workstation with the same processor. But, because I don't know how long it will take, I have to make an upgrade on my old laptop. So, does anyone knows what's the fastest processor I can use with my old Dell M65 with a T7200 2Ghz without changing the motherboard? Is it possible to change the graphic card as well? It's an old Quadro FX350M.... thank youuuuuuuuu