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    Edison device shows up on router's DHCP client list with no name (only MAC address) ...


      Hi -


      I'm hoping this is a mere oversight on my part but ... I've connected my Edison (image ww18-15) to Wifi using the Configure_Edison -- wifi command.


      It's connected and I can communicate with it both by serial and by SSH over wifi.


      Earlier I ran through the configuration to give the machine a name (again, using the Configure_Edison command). I can see from the command prompt that it's called "Edison_Green".


      However, when I look at my routers list of connected DHCP clients ... my Edison shows up with no name. I can see the MAC address, the IP Address, and other data. But the name field is blank. Other devices all have a name.


      Could someone tell me how to set a name so that it shows up on list of connected devices on my router?




          - Dave F.