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    4790K Problems


      Since about 5 days ago been having an issue where any game I play runs extremely rough. Like it's running at 10FPS. Even load times are taking longer. The only real change I've done prior to this happening, was upgrade to the new AMD Crimson drivers, and did the newest patch yesterday. I ran UserBenchMark and got mixed results on the CPU. Test A ranked 24%, test B ranked 85%, test C at 17%. Also linked to a test I did just now.


      UserBenchMark (today) - http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/553378


      GeekBench3 (today) - MSI MS-7916 - Geekbench Browser
      - Single Core: 865 Multi-Core: 2985

      GeekBench3 (today) - MSI MS-7916 - Geekbench Browser

      - Single Core: 869 Multi-Core: 3190

      GeekBench3 (yesterday) - MSI MS-7916 - Geekbench Browser

      - Single Core: 3557 Multi-Core: 14237


      Kept CoreTemp 1.0 up, and idle temps are around 26-27c, load goes up around 31c while playing on Fallout 4 (ultra settings). Even in Fallout 4, load times are taking much longer and the game feels like its at 10FPS.


      Wondering what anyone might recommend? Should I try to re-seat the CPU and re-apply some new thermal? I just upgraded to the 4790K and MSI Gaming 7 about 7 months ago, never had a problem up until now.

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          Hello Killbot:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          If this issue started right after updating an specific driver, my recommendation would be to go back to the previous driver in order to test the system performance and verify if the issue follows the driver or not.


          Also, we have seen that the drivers provided via Windows updates have been working better than the manufacturers driver.


          We know that they have improved their testing labs where the drivers are tested in different devices or systems to make sure they will work properly in most of the customer's computers.



          Esteban C