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    Some major problems found during matrix raid migrations

      I was a little curious about RAID migrations with the intel matrix storage manager, so I tested a few and ran into some problems that might/will cause a loss of data.  I will start with my configuration ... well the necessary parts


      P55 chipset (PCH)

      Windows 7 pro 64 bit

      Latest and greatest Matrix storage manager software

      6 1TB Seagate 7200.12's


      What I tried was a RAID migration from a single hard drive to various RAID 5 and RAID 10 configurations.  I found that this worked as long as my resulting RAID was less than or equal to 2TB.


      So I could go from a single drive to a 4-disk RAID 10, but if I migrated to a 5 disk raid-5, the matrix storage manager would say that my resulting array would be 2047GB instead of 3600 or whatever it should be.  I would tell the software to start the migration and it would start the work.  Initially it would say that there was 18 hours remaining.  I would check it out the next day and there would be 40+ hours remaining.  I let it run for three days and it was up to 66 hours remaining and the progress bar said it was 2/3 complete.  This is wrong.  I stopped the migration.  I dont know if it would ever complete, and it was just a test so I had no data to lose.


      A list of migrations that did not work with 1TB drives.

      single -> 4 disk raid 5

      single -> 5 disk raid 5

      single -> 6 disk raid 5

      single -> 6 disk raid 10 !!!!!!


      There would probably be more problems if you used 1.5 or 2 TB drives considering the 2TB threshold.


      I had no problems completing the mirror to 4+ disk raid 5.


      These features are documented to work in the Matrix manual, but I dont think this is the case