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    680i help…” error connecting to drive”




      I’ve just installed the new toolbox and hit the latest roadblock. Turns out my 680i motherboard identifies all SATA drives as SCSI, which was pretty common for older motherboard BIOS. It never made any difference to operation or performance until now…the Toolbox will not work with a hard drive identified as SCSI. The Toolbox recognizes the different drives and gives me different choices for the SSD vs. the rotary drives, but all functions are grayed-out.


      So I can’t use TRIM because the 680i is not AHCI compatible, and I can’t use Toolbox to maintain the SSD because it hits a SCSI flag and grays-out (even though it does recognize the SSD).


      Has anybody found a way to resolve this? I’ve looked through pages of Google links and tech support forums and found the issue talked about a lot but not a resolution. Typically the answer is that everyone lives with the SCSI-misidentification because it never made any difference whether Windows declared the drive SATA or SCSI. Until now.


      Is anyone else’s 680i working with the Toolbox?



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