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    DG43GT Fan issue(s)


      I've just built a new desktop PC. It uses the DG43GT motherboard and E2200 CPU. The board shipped with BIOS revision 0019. On initial setup the bios could not detect the CPU fan speed. A update of BIOS to Ver-0024 resolved that issue. However the PC does have a 3-pin Front Panel fan installed. Even with the latest posted BIOS the fan cannot be detected. This is with BIOS hardware monitoring or SpeedFan 4.40 running under Windows 7 32-Bit.

      I've tested this with two different fans and have confirmation that the fan is plugged in correctly. During BIOS post I get two instances of a single beep. This is even with the Fan reporting option set to "Disabled".

      Anyone else experienced a similar issue >? or is this a known issue that a future BIOS release will resolve.