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    SSD Toolbox for Mac?


      Are there any plans for a SSD Toolbox for Mac?


      The SSD Toolbox for Windows does not support HFS+ (the Mac file system), so even if run on a Boot Camp Windows installation next to Mac OS X it does not optimize Mac partitions using TRIM... :-(

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          I would rather ask Apple to implement the ATA command TRIM into OSX.

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            It's quite clear that the burden is now on Apple's side - they have to update the drivers.

            The only other option for the time being is to use Disk Utility, and do do a full/secure erase option that writes the partition with 1s and restore the partition from backup such as Time Machine - doesn't take too long for me.

            The other option is not to care about write performance so much and enjoy other benefits of SSD - read speed, silence, no moving parts etc.

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                I read somewhere that using Disk-Utility secure erase is not the same as doing a ATA Secure Erase.

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                Exactly, the disk utility's disk erase does not tell the disk that the data on the disk can be overwritten without the usual read-modify-flash-write procedure and thus, the write speed should not increase just by overwriting the disk with 0's (this is what disk utility does) and rebuilding the data from a second disk.


                I agree that Apple should add TRIM support for Mac OS X and indeed there seems to be at least one person at Apple who's considering:


                "We're currently investigating TRIM support." (http://lists.apple.com/archives/darwin-dev/2009/Oct/msg00158.html)
                But as long as the SSDs Apple is selling in their MacBooks do not support the TRIM command, I won't bet that we will be seeing TRIM support in Mac OS X anytime soon...
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                  What's stopping Intel from providing support for their SSDs in OS X, via a utility?


                  Surely it can't be seriously argued that Apple will prevent Intel from providing TRIM functionality via a utility because it sells Samsung SSDs in its largely Intel computers...?


                  Certainly, I agree that it's ideal to have OS-level support. But, I think the minimum acceptable level of support is for Intel to provide even a basic command-line utility that a user can run the TRIM command on HFS+ volumes with. In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to a bootable USB keychain device image containing such a utility. Anything is preferable to the current situation with absurd kludge like periodically writing an entire drive with 1s.

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                    I am another proud owner of an Intel X25-M Postville SSD and I am currently using it in my macbook. I would really like to see the Intel SSD Toolbox being able to deal with Snow Leopard!

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                      You would like to have trim on Mac


                      here you go : http://www.groths.org/?p=313

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                        Does intel x25 have trash collection in the firmware? I have read that if your ssd does then then above software for mac will actually slow you down

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                          from my understanding, it do garbage collection at the background