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    D945GTP processor fan runs slow


      D945GTP has been running ok for about 3 years and now on startup fan is running about 800rpm and processor is running over 160 degree F. Computer shuts down and restarts. After reboot, computer restarts and shuts down again. It will do this for a while and then, it starts and fan runs at about 2500 rpm and everything is ok. I have did a good cleaning and tried changing fan control setting in the BIOS. Once it is running good, everything is ok until next restart. Does anyone have any ideas?

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          hi mate,


          D945GTP is quite a solid motherboard. well.. from the point i see.. i think your D945GTP is degrading from health due to wear and tear.


          maybe you may want to take out your mainboard can check for burn marks on the back of the motherboard..

          if there is, i think it is qise for you to change to another new Intel original desktop board.