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    DP55WB sound cut off in 10 minutes approximately



      before start, i would like to apologize for bad english.

      I bought Intel(R) DP55WB recently ( 17/12/2009 ) and this issue occurs in Win Vista 32 bits and XP 64 bits too.

      The problem:  Playing Left 4 Dead, Warcraft or using Skype, listening musics in 10 minutes approx. the sound simply cut off. And only restarting PC resolves

      Failed attempts: I tryed Driver Max, swap OS ( Vista 32 to XP 64 ), reinstall drivers using the CD that comming with MoBo -- and download in the net --, use automatic support intel, check BIOS but nothing resolves


      Configuration of PC:


      Processor Name:                                                                 Intel Core i5-750


      Motherboard Model:                                                              Intel DP55WB


      Video Chipset:                                                                  ATI RADEON HD 4870 (RV770 XT)


      Drive Model:                                                                    Seagate ST3500630AS


      Memory Type:                                                                  DDR3 SDRAM   2048 MB      Kreton Corporation




      1º Audio Adapter:                                                                  Intel 5 Series/34x0 Chipset PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [B2]
           High Definition Audio Codec:                                                    Unknown 80000000


      2º Audio Adapter:                                                                  ATI RV770 - High Definition Audio Controller



      All informations by HWiNFO32 and Everest.



      Plx can anyone help me ? This PC is very good but this problem finish him.




      J. D. Goldman