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    Is my CPU (i-5 6440HQ) underperforming?


      Hi Guys,


      since a few days I own a new notebook with the folowing specs:


      Intel® Core™ i5-6440HQ Prozessor (3,5 GHz), Quad-Core

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (2048 MB)

      8 GB RAM

      Windows 10


      I also added a SSD to the configuration. Unfortunately it feels like the processor isn't running at a performance as aspected. For example, while playing CS:GO I cannot reach the 200FPS, it is always between 100 and 150 FPS. So I tried to lower my settings and put everything down, but this did not influence the FPS at all. It is still at the same range. I looked at the ressouces monitor and saw, all four cores from my cpu are pretty busy, running at a level around 90%. I know CS:GO is demands a lot of CPU-performance, but imo this CPU should handle it easy.


      After that I ran programs like CPU-Z to check some details of my CPU and found this:




      Why is the name of my CPU mentioned as "i-7 6700HQ" and the specification as "i-5 6440hq"? This also appears when using other tools like speccy. When looking at the biod, the i-5 6440hq is shown. I installed the driver delivered with the notebook. I also tried to upgrade them using windows device manager. It said, all drivers (Chipset, HD Grapphics) are up to date. Chipset driver currently installed:




      Do you guys have any idea whats wrong here? Do I have false expectations regarding the strenge of my CPU? I also tried the following "standard" things to improve the performance:


      - Laptop is in performance mode

      - Nvidia Control Panel: Attributes are also set to performance, V-Sync is off

      - Intel HD Graphics: also set to performance

      - CSGO is also set to performance (Start parameters, config etc)


      Btw: There is a software to unpark the cores. When I run this software (but did not unpark the cores), onyl two cores are shown.


      I would be glad if somebody have an idea. Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance.


      Greetings, Simon