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    SS4200-E: Windows Server 2008 Question


      I don't own SS4200-E, yet, but I need to know viability for my use senario.


      I am planning to use SS4200-E for the following:


      1. Replace 256MB DOM with 16GB CF (Compact Flash). (SS4200-EHW is cheaper but SS4200-E is on sale)

      Reference: SS4200 / Convert SS4200-EHW to SS4200-E

      2. I am planning to install Windows Server 2008 Standard in its entirety to CF and boot from it. (I have a spare copy of WS2008 std)

      WS2008 will be limited to be PDC, Remote Desktop (1 client for management), IE for Windows Update, File Services.

      No other software or functionality.

      3. Memory upgrade to 1GB or 2GB.


      My question is:

      Has anyone have experience with replacing DOM and installing OS (Windows, Linux) other than EMC NAS software ?

      (Any difficulty or problem?)


      Does SS4200-E play well with WS2008 in general (Resource requirement or slowing down and so on) ?


      If I open-up SS4200-E (ie, take its MB off the chasis), can I install video card on pci-x 1x slot and temporariliy use it to install WS2008 instead of using unattended installation method ?

      Or do I still have to use pci-x extender for video card ?


      If I install WS2008, can I not use RAID configuration and access hard drives as is (just as storage) ?

      I prefer to use USB external with scheduled backup and power USB down when not in use for power savings. It simplifies configuration.