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    DP55WG- more fan issues, nonexistent BIOS instructions


      DP55WG, i7-860 and latest BIOS update 3878 10/28/2009. I have an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Ver 2. I cannot get the BIOS Real-time Monitoring to show any fan speed. I realize there are some other posts related to the deplorable fan and temp control features but I rely on this to detemine if my fan is working correctly. No one else has reported having 0 fan speed indications that I could find. I moved the fan from the CPU socket to the other fan control near the memory (shown in the "user manual" at the bottom on page 54). I got the same useless results- 0 fan speed indication.


      Also, the DP55WG "user manual" entitled "Intel® Desktop Board DP55WG Product Guide Order Number: E62931-001" is so devoid of how to set up the BIOS it is a crime. I did find 2 other BIOS-related docs at Intel here http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-030894.htm which clearly indicates it applies to the DP55WG. HOWEVER, 1) these only parrot the paltry info on the actual BIOS screens (without even showing the screens) and 2) MANY of the items don't apply to the DP55WG!!! Again, nearly useless.


      If anyone can shed some light on why these fan speed indicators are always 0 I would appreciate it. Also, if Intel would listen to the many reports of awful BIOS fan controls and put in something respectable we all would appreciate it.


      I bought 2 of these motherboards and like phil_l said am starting to regret it. I naively expected more from Intel. THese are my first Intel MB and CPU.

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          Here is another data point on the fan speed... If I change the CPU fan BIOS setting to DISABLE the fan speed (of about 2100) will show up in the BIOS Real-Time Hardware monitoring. With the control set to ENABLE it always shows 0 even with the fan running, I'm guessing 1000 rpm or so.


          So, something is either wrong with this new MB or there are still serious fan control bugs here in update 3878 10/28/2009.

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            I don't necessarily think it is a motherboard problem, as I've had problems with fans reporting their RPM on various boards.  Typically the slower the fan speed the more likely it is not to register I've found.  The issue I think is the signals are not very clear from some fans and a slower speed is obtained by a lower voltage which then probably lowers the signalling output or stops it altogether.  Is the fan set correctly for 4 wire or 3 wire?


            Have you tried the stock Intel fan/heatsink, this works perfectly on my board (same board as yours).  If this works okay at the slow speed it really points to the signally coming from the fan you are using.





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              I am mounting evidence it is a BIOS problem. Tonite, I examined a separate system with identical fan and MB. It had similar problems with the fan speed reporting. It also had at times nonsensical temperatures indicated in the BIOS real-time reporting. The CPU fan does not have a BIOS setting for 3 or 4 wire. Only the other 2 fan connections have this. However, I could not get any different results from my system using the fan plugged into one of them. I have a 3rd identical MB for which I will sometime later this week install my stuff in and see what other possible differences it produces from the 2 thus far. After this I have basically exhausted testing of this.


              I plugged in the stock cpu fan that came with the i7-860 into one of the secondary 4-pin fan sockets. I made sure the BIOS indicated the 4-wire. Yet this fan never even spun up at all. Note that my Freezer 7 fan plugged into this same socket ran the same speed (apparently- by looking at it) as it did in the CPU fan socket (and didn't display an RPM either). I then could not tell whose fault that was so I did not add it to the matrix of cases.


              I would like to hear Intel explain all this crap and give us a schedule of when they will fix it.

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                as a DP55WG owner, could you please take a look at this thread:




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                  Have you considered flashing the BIOS to an older revision?  Perhaps an older revision will correct this until it gets addressed.

                  I'd flash it to the last revision and check it.  If that didn't work, I'd try an even older one....

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                    We are running the 3 motherboards we have on ubuntu 64-bit linux and not windows. I have not even looked at the audio stuff... sorry.


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                      You may try BIOS version 4507.

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                        Not for your board specifically, but this does detail a lot of options that will be in your BIOS



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                          I just installed the latest BIOS update 4507 2010-01-05. Although there is a LONG list of changes neither of the 2 major items I have reported were addressed.


                          1. The fan spped problem still exists. It continues to read 0000


                          2. The <F7> at boot flash update menu timing problem still exists. Remember that this is when the menu starts up and one selects with arrow or enter keys no screen action happens for over a minute.


                          It is distressing that these are not getting fixed. Is Intel even listening to these forums? Is there another place I need to report these to get some attention?

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                            Still no fix for these bugs with this congiuration using the 4752 BIOS update.


                            I cannot boot from the USB interfaces either. I have enabled the proper setting in the BIOS NVRAM but cannot get it to boot. Any ideas?


                            I would also note that the Intel initial splash boot screen is visible for only a few milliseconds thus preventing one from being able to read the Function Key assignments. It would be nice to either increase this or make a BIOS NVRAM parameter for the time to display this screen.


                            Does anyone know where to report THESE bugs if not here?



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                              I also forgot to reiterate that another previously reported problem still exists with 4752. That is with the BIOS "Flash Update Screen". When one stikes the F7 key during the BIOS startup the Flash Update Screen appears with the first entry (for my system) being the DVD/CD drive containing the .BIO file. Then one hits the RETURN key to select this source. Then NOTHING happens for 60 seconds (repeatable every time). After 60 seconds of no indications the screen changes to show the .bio file that was on my CD.


                              This bug has existed for months since I have reported it. Is anyone going to fix this?

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                                I just tried the latest BIOS 4905. It did not fix the Fan Speed indication in the BIOS. They all still read 0. It did not fix the BIOS page for Flashing the BIOS problem either. It still takes exactly 60 seconds of wait time before it displays the .BIO files on the CD. I think the BIOS splash screen display time was upped a bit but it is still very fast. How about a user-settable BIOS parameter for us to set ourselves?


                                I hope these are on some fix list...

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                                  Whoa... there is so much complaints with so few details on this thread.  I can't give you good responses unless you list out each issue separately with details around each of those issues.  Please reply with this info and I'll see if I can help.


                                  For example...


                                  You stated that fan speed is read as 0... but in what condition?  Was it a 3 wire fan plugged into a 4 wire port configured by BIOS to run as 4 wire?  Was the fan actually spinning when it reported 0 RPM?  Was it plugged in backwards?  Wrong 3 pins?


                                  Looking forward to a lengthy detail oriented reply.

                                  • 14. DP55WG indicated fan speed always 0 in Enable mode

                                    The problem is that the fan speed indicated in the BIOS monitor always shows 0 when the BIOS is configured with the CPU Fan Control set to Enable.


                                    I have 3 DP55WG MB (one is spared) with 2 Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Ver 2 CPU cooling fan assemblies http://www.arctic-cooling.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=1_42&mID=304. Both fans appear to work and keep the assenbly very cool to the touch. The BIOS temperature indicates about 26-36 degC. These fans have a keyed 4-wire connector and are plugged into the DP55WG in connector "N" as indicated in the DP55WG_ProductGuide01_English.pdf on pages 12 and 38.


                                    The Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Ver 2 spec states the PWM speed range is 900 to 2500 RPM. The fan is always running at a relatively low speed regardless of the BIOS settings. However the actual speed is unknown.


                                    The BIOS is configured with the fan controls as follows:


                                    1. CPU Fan Control- Enable
                                    2. System Fan Control- Enable
                                    3. System Fan Control->Lowest Fan Speed- Slow
                                    4. System Fan Control->Front Fan Type- 4-Wire Fan
                                    5. System Fan Control->Rear Fan Type- 4-Wire Fan


                                    I have tried the following BIOS revisions:
                                    Date     Version
                                    4/1/2010 4905
                                    3/17/2010 4816
                                    2/17/2010 4752
                                    1/5/2010 4507
                                    10/28/2009 3878
                                    9/25/2009 3822


                                    All have reacted in the same manner.


                                    When (on the latest BIOS 4905) the CPU Fan Control is set to Disable the BIOS Processor Fan Speed indicator is about 2460 RPM. This suggests that 1) the input is likely working, 2) the fan is ruinning at full speed and 3) the problem is elsewhere in the BIOS when it is configured to Enable Fan Speed Control.


                                    One would assume certainly the ADC monitoring the CPU fan speed can resolve 900-2500 RPM.


                                    Could it be that the input scaling is not correct in the Enable mode? If the fan speed as seen by the BIOS is read incorrectly then could the speed control output not be correct and allow an excessive heating problem?




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