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    SS4200-E: Windows Server 2008 Question


      I don't own SS4200-E, yet, but I would like some answers to my use senario.


      I am planning to use SS4200-E for the following:


      1. Replace 256MB DOM with 16GB CF. (SS4200-EHW would be cheaper, but SS4200-E is on sale)

      Reference: http://ss4200.pbworks.com/Convert+SS4200-EHW+to+SS4200-E

      2. I would like to install Windows Server 2008 Standard to CF in its entirety and boot from it. (I have a copy of WS2008 std lying around)

      WS2008 would be used for PDC, Remote Desktop (1 client for server access), IE for windows update, file services.

      No other software or functionalities.

      3. Memory to 1GB or 2GB


      My question:

      Has anyone replaced DOM with CF and installed OS (Windows or Linux) other than EMC NAS software ?


      Does SS4200-E play nice with WS2008 (any difficulties or pitfalls that I need to be aware of) ?


      Thx in advance.

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          The config guide says Supported Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP; Linux, Mac OS


          Even if someone else got theirs working in an unsupported configuration, the same steps wouldn't necessarily work for you too.

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            Since my last visit, I have done some research in this topic.

            For future reference and others who may be thinking along the same line, I would like to answer what I found.


            It seems SS4200 copies from DOM into main memory to do actual work.

            Thus, increasing size of DOM via CF or otherwise should not work.

            CF is not treated as permanent storage, but more like a ROM to get boot program.