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    Bios Update Error


      i am trying to recover the bios. i did all the instructions. remove the jumper, put *.bio file in a cd, restarted the pc. but i get "A series of continuous beeps" that "indicates a failed BIOS recovery". what shoul i do now?? thnx for help

      i have D856PERL motherboard.


      i mean what is the solution of "series of low-pitched single beeps" on this link:http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/se7501br2/sb/CS-000267.htm


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          Assuming you are referring to this motherboard


          Have you tried to do a recovery using a floppy disk?

          Same procedure: Put the *.bio file onto the floppy disk and remove the bios jumper. It is best to leave only one media on the system like here only floppy disk drive.


          Try with a fat formatted USB as well.


          Does the system boots into the bios?

          If yes, may be you can try this, i am 100% sure whether it will work or not. Try it at your own risk.


          Create a USB Dos Bootable Memory Stick

          Download the bio file and put it into the usb stick.

          Download the iflash tool from this link

          Extract the downloaded file and send the iflash2.exe to the bootable USB stick.

          Make sure the bios jumper is configured onto the normal position.

          Boot the system onto the USB stick. Make sure here the USB media is only bootable media. Disconnect hdd and cd drive, floppy drive etc.


          At the dos prompt:

          Type iflash2.exe /pf xxx.bio where xxx should be replaced by filename


          Read me File


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            I tried all of them but none of them worked. At last i found a a floppy disk and a computer which has a floppy driver the floppy. It was really hard but it worked. It's the correct answer but i've already solved it. Thnx anyway