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    NUC C42504500 - Different versions?


      Are there different "flavors" of the 4th-gen NUC C42504500?


      For example, I've seen versions with the HD4400, HD5000 and even HD5500? But I thought the HD5500 graphics chip did not come with the i5-4250U processor.


      This is all too confusing!

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          Hello ron8575:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          I would like to know if you mean the Intel® NUC Kit D54250xxx version?


          Yes it does have different model numbers, but all of them have the same processor (Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor)


          Here you can find a comparison of the three models, they have a few differences.

          ARK | Compare Intel® Products


          Do not hesitate to advise me if you encounter with additional or new inquiries regarding this.



          Esteban C

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            So are you saying there is no Intel product under the name "C42504500" ?


            Curiously all local retailers here have various different versions of C42504500, which sports the same CPU as you mentioned in the "D54250xxx" family, but with different graphics chips each.

            Can you tell if it's possible to find the i5-4250U CPU with an HD5500 graphics chip?

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              There is no Intel product with name "C42504500". The Intel NUC products with 4th generation Core processors are the D34010WYxxx (with Core i3-4010U) and the D54250WYxxx (with Core i5-4250U). The Intel NUC products with 5th generation Core processors are the NUC5i3RYx (with Core i3-5010U), NUC5i5RYx (with Core i5-5250U) and NUCi5RYx (with Core i7-5557U).


              There is no separate graphics chip involved; the graphics are built into the processor chip itself. The Core i5-4250U processor has Intel HD Graphics 5000. There is no version of this processor with Intel HD Graphics 5500 (only 5th generation processors could have this version). On the other hand, the Core i3-4010U processor has Intel HD Graphics 4400.


              It seems that a company (in Brasil, based upon the ads that I found in a search) is taking the Intel NUC Kit products and selling them in a turnkey configuration (i.e. with memory, SSD and/or HDD, software (Linux), etc. installed into/onto them) under alternative product name(s). If this is the case, in order to have products with the differing flavors of Intel Graphics, they would need to use different NUCs with different processors. Here are the possibilities:

              • Core i3-4010U processor (with Intel HD Graphics 4400) - this would use one of the Intel D34010WYxxx NUC products.
              • Core i5-4250U processor (with Intel HD Graphics 5000) - this would use one of the Intel D54250WYxxx NUC products.
              • Core i3-5010U processor (with Intel HD Graphics 5500) - this would use one of the Intel NUC5i3RYx NUC products.
              • Core i5-5250U processor (with Intel HD Graphics 6000) - this would use one of the Intel NUC5i5RYx NUC products.
              • Core i7-5557U processor (with Intel Iris Graphics 6100) - this would use one of the Intel NUC5i7RYx NUC products.


              This is an wild guess on my part; some configurations may not exist...


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                Hello ron8575:


                After doing a research on this product, I was able to find that this is a model from Ultratop OEM.


                My recommendation would be to check with them the different models that are available for their model, this product may have a chassis that looks like a NUC but it is designed and integrated by Ultratop.


                For the processor Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor has the HD Graphics 5000 only, as N.Scott.Pearson was advising you.



                Esteban C

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                  Thank you both!


                  Now this is getting interesting though... the problem is I have found several different variations of graphics chips when it's probably supposed to have only one for each processor model?


                  For example, same graphics chip I have found pertaining to different CPUs: HD4400 can be found in both i3-4010U and 4030U... or same CPU having different graphics flavors: i5-4250U sharing both the HD5000 and/or HD5500.


                  And one more question: does the memory controller of the Core i3/i5 support dual-channel on these NUCs? If so, can you tell which memory sticks are recommended for compatibility?

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                    Hello ron8575:


                    I would like to provide you with some information related to the Intel® HD Graphics.


                    FAQs: Desktop — Intel® HD Graphics Frequently Asked Questions


                    Where to find the Intel® HD Graphics present in each processor?

                    Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.60 GHz) Specifications

                    Look for "Graphics Specifications" then "Processor Graphics"

                    There you will be able to find the exact type of graphics engine that the processor has.


                    The information in this website is the one that I recommend you to rely on, regarding the specs of each of Intel's CPUs.


                    You can find the specs for the different released processors by Intel®.


                    Do not hesitate to contact the Intel Communities if you encounter with any additional or new inquiries.



                    Esteban C