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    To paste, or not to paste, that is the question! Q9550

      I'm upgrading cpu, and in the instructions, there is no mention of applying thermal paste to this beast.


      Did Intel just forget? which I doubt, or does this thing not need thermal paste at all? Which strikes me as odd.


      There is just the small sized copper/aluminum heatsink fan combo which I may replace if


      if the temp gets too hot, but I want to be sure before firing it up, that that no paste is needed


      or wanted...as in don't paste it...cuz you'll have trouble!

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          i would like to recommend you to apply the thermal compound.


          the thermal compound provided originally from intel is to enchance heat transfer between the processor and the heatsink.




          if you do not have any thermal paste, head down to your local computer store and request for one. most of the computer hardware stores have it.




          if you didnt apply the thermal paste and you fire up, you will get a high risk of overheating which may void your 3 years warranty given by Intel.