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    DP55KG - Populated SATA port showing wrong channel in BIOS


      I only have one drive. That is the Intel 160GB G2 SSD. I use SATA port 0 on my DP55KG. I know for a fact it is SATA port 0 as I have triple checked by comparing the ports to the latest official manual viewable via PDF on Intel's site. I just now reformatted again (Windows 7 Ultimate x64). I am using the latest 3878 BIOS and before I reformatted, I enabled boot to USB so I could install Windows from a thumb drive. While I was in the BIOS, I verified my SSD was on SATA port 0.


      Now that I have reformatted, I am using the Windows generic AHCI driver and I am using the latest Intel Chipset drivers from the website. I went back into the BIOS to disable boot to USB and noticed that the BIOS now reports that my SSD is on SATA port 1!!!???? What the???? Checked the board and the manual AGAIN and I have it plugged in correctly. Checked device manager and sure enough it shows that Channel 1 is populated and Channel 0 is empty.


      I just emailed Intel to report this as a bug. Doubt engineers will get the bug report, but have any of you seen this? Now I am worried that this could cause problems down the road...mainly when updating the SSD firmware.

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