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    INTEl d915gav Sata HARDDISK and BIOS

      I have Intel D915GAV motherboard with BIOS VERSION .0482(latest;Updated from .0444)

      1. I had 4 primary partitions on my 80gb HD(Sata):
      C = primary partition = 30 gb
      D = primary partition = 9.5 gb
      E = primary partition = 17 gb
      F = primary partition = 18 gb

      2. I had WindowsXPSP3 installed on my C (i.e. 30 gb partition).And Windows Vista Starter on D(i.e. 9.5gb partition).

      3. I had recently wanted to install ubuntu on D drive(i.e. 9.5 gb partition).So I tried to free the D drive by Deleting and making D drive an unallocated free space.I have deleted D partition by using windows xp installation CD. Then i quitted installation and restarted the computer.

      4. Then the Problem started : BIOS freezes on Intel splash screen, I cant even get to BIOS setup configuration menu.In order to reach BIOS setup I have to unplug the sata cable inside.
      Plz someone help me, i've been into a serious problem