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    MPlayer Not Installing




      Yocto 2.1

      159.dev version

      Alex_T's repo


      Having gone through the bluetooth guide and tutorials, it utilizes MPlayer, but when I try to install it, it's not successful. Have been trying to installing successfully for days and have gone through this correct answer, which lead me to this correct answer. Every time I try to install MPlayer-1.1.1, I get this error:


      make: install: Command not found

      Makefile:910: recipe for target 'install-dirs' failed

      make: *** [install-dirs] Error 127


      Everything in the linked to solutions install correctly and are up to date, except for libavahi-client-dev. That gives me the error that there is no such package and I have not been able to find it to download online. I also read in the second correct answer that the author was able to install and get MPlayer to run without installing libavahi-client-dev. What else can it be? This is very frustrating. I am currently looking for alternative ways to play music through bluetooth communication. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.