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    intel 4600 graphics prevent proper use nvidia 770m


      so, this is less of a question than i complaint i guess, because the "solutions" consist of updating drives and all my drivers are up to date.


      since i have had windows 10, my 4600 integrate graphics interfere with everything i do, from playing games, installing drivers, uninstalling drivers, and even windows 10 computer repair.  and there is ZERO reason to use this crappy tacked on  4600 module, because i bothered to pay for a real graphics card.


      if i disable the graphics from device manager, it crashes my computer (no big surprise, everything i touch, web pages opening now crash my computer). but then after BSOD and reboot, it claims to be disabled, but it actually disables my nvidia card, not the useless intel graphics.  i can install nvidia drivers even, but the nvida control panel thinks i have not attached graphics card.


      re-enable, crash some more, read 10000000 articles online about how intel graphics have broken EVERYONE'S computer since they were introduced and how it renders virtually all laptops unable to use add on graphics in windows 10.


      uninstall and reinstall nivida driver yet again, more crashing, more "drive power state error" caused my intel graphics.  now intel graphic even prevent me from using nvidia control panel, the only 3d setting available are the non-setting in the intel managments console.


      and then i spend like 4 hours trying to make an "account" to be able to ask questions, and get stuck in an infinite loop where i have to verify me email address over and over, and cant make a new account because "that email is already in use" but it also "cant find an account associated with that email".


      so, UP YOURS INTEL!  your integrated graphics have turned my 1500$ gaming laptop into a typewriter.  and you have zero interest in doing anything about it, because we have no choice but to have our computer ruined by intel, probably because some useless manager is married to the right or wrong person and now no-one will fire the ******* who has destroyed laptop gaming for the entire plant.