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    Motherboard label says AZCB004003X5 AA E30148-301- trying to find WiFi options


      I am not sure if its means anything cause I don't know much but My Bios version is • CBQ4510H.86A.0111.2009.1210.1144 which translated to PRODUCTS: DQ45CB, DQ45EK (Standard BIOS) and I see no reason to think proper updates did not take. I do not know much about computers but I know that hardware must be compatible.

      I need  a WiFi connection and I am not sure what direction to go or even if I'm asking the right questions. All I know is at the current time to get on network in my house I need a WiFi connection and i don't want to buy one that is not compatible. I was looking at a WiFi cards but it looks like there might also be other options.

      I tried looking up the motherboard to see if that might help but I'm putting correct numbers I guess.

      So basically I need to figure out what I am doing wrong so I can get it right!

      Thanks, Shelly