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    intel i219-V (Asrock Z170 Pro4S) performance on windows 10





      I am having problems with my network performance.


      If i leave it's speed at auto negotiation it works on 10 mbps.


      if i set it manually on 100 mbps? download works nice but upload is as low as 0.03 mbps or it doesnt work at all, i think depending on driver i use (i checked one from intel and one from Asrock site).



      I didnt have any problems prior to upgrading my os to windows 10 and another computer in the network works fine with download of arouind 100 mbps and upload around 40-60 (like it should be).



      Any help please? If you need any addtional data regarding drivers or anything that could help identify problems just ask i will provide them ASAP.



      Best regards,