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    Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000 issue - Screen Distortion & Discoloration - Any Suggestions?


      I'm getting pretty frustrated with my wonky display, so if anyone has a suggestion to help me, you'll have my undying gratitude and virtual chocolate-chip cookies in thanks! :-)  And if that's not enough for you there's always my firstborn child.


      So, the Problem:

      My display has bright, horizontal magenta lines across the top of the screen. The longer my computer is on, the more the problem grows; more lines appear, they get thicker, and brighter, and they go further down the screen until the top third of the screen is barely visible through the distortion.


      By then, there are also vertical lines along the right-hand (my right, the monitor's left) side of the screen - though that appears more as a smear of colour, which extends further at the bottom of the screen than it does at the top. If the computer is left on too long, the entire screen is distorted, and the only way to fix it is to shut down the computer and let it rest for a bit before turning it back on.


      My (rather slipshod) Temporary Solution:

      Adjusting the display settings (colour, saturation, brightness, hue, etc.) minimized the problem, but the adjustments took a lot of colour and brightness out of the display; it's very muted and dull now, and it's harder to see things on the screen. Not to mention, the distortion is still there; it's just minimal (relegated to the very top of the screen and only extending about a half an inch down), and not very bright or visible anymore - rather than bright, magenta lines, it just looks like simple distortion.


      Is there any way to fix this? I'll post the graphics card info below. While I recently upgraded to Windows 10, this problem was occurring for a few months before that.



      System Information:


      Processor Graphics Information:

      Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000 | Video BIOS: 2111.0 | Current Graphics Mode: 1680 by 1050


      Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000:

      Driver Version: | Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version (10.0.10586) | DirectX* Version: 11.0 |Physical Memory: 6087 MB | Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz | Processor Speed: 3293 MHz | Vendor ID: 8086 | Device ID: 0102 | Device Revision: 09


      If you need more information on the graphics card, I'll look for it and post it ASAP.


      While I'm 99% certain it's the graphics card and not the monitor, the monitor info is below, just in case.


      Monitor Acer X223W | Generic PnP Monitor Information:


      General Info:

      Display Type: Analog | Serial Number: ACR0050 | DDC2 Protocol: Supported | Gamma: 2.2 | Connector Type: VGA | Device Type: CRT


      Maximum Image Size:

      Horizontal: 18.50 inches | Vertical: 11.81 inches


      Power Management Support:

      Standby Mode: Supported | Suspend Mode: Supported | Active Off Mode: Not Supported


      Supported Modes:

      640 by 480(67 Hz) | 640 by 480 (75 Hz) | 640 by 480 (72 Hz) | 640 by 480 (60 Hz) | 720 by 400 (70 Hz) | 800 by 600 (72 Hz) | 800 by 600 (75 Hz) | 800 by 600 (56 Hz) | 800 by 600 (60 Hz) | 832 by 624 (75 Hz) | 1024 by 768 (75 Hz) | 1024 by 768 (70 Hz) | 1024 by 768 (60 Hz) | 1152 by 864 (75 Hz) | 1152 by 870 (75 Hz) | 1280 by 720 (60 Hz) | 1280 by 960 (60 Hz) | 1280 by 1024 (75 Hz)|1280 by 1024 (60 Hz) | 1440 by 900 (75 Hz) | 1600 by 1200 (60 Hz) | 1680 by 1050 (60 Hz)



      I know that it's a graphics issue, not an issue with my monitor, because:


      1) Even if I turned my monitor off when I needed to leave the computer for a bit, the distortion would have worsened by the time I came back and turned it back on. However, if I shut down the computer (rather than having it sleep so that I can get back to what I was working on before I was interrupted), when I turn it back on, the distortion isn't so bad. It's better the longer the computer is off, and it makes no difference if I turn the monitor off or not.


      And 2) Adjusting the graphics settings helped clear up the problem somewhat. However, it's not completely gone, and the new settings make it hard (not as hard as before but still difficult) to use the computer; so I'd really like to put the settings back to default again. I'm just trying to find out if there's a better fix for this issue.



      Like I said before, I'd be desperately grateful to anyone who can help me. I'll throw a parade in your honour and film myself as a one-woman marching band going down the street and post it to Youtube or something.