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    S3420GPRX RAM issues - system not booting




      I'm trying to set up a Server system for a local charity. We recently bought a:


      • Server System SR1695GPRX2ACNA Barebone System
      • 1 x Intel Server Board S3420GPRX


      To go with it, we bought an Intel Xeon X3470 SLBJH - 2.93ghz 8M Cache CPU.



      We then bought the following RAM:


      • 4 X Samsung M393B5170DZ1-CF8 4Gb RDIMM PC3-8500


      The system will not boot-up with this RAM in place. I get the 3 beeps errors, which according to the manual is a RAM issue. The seller

      of the RAM sent us a different model of RAM (again, Samsung but a different model number, I never noted which) but the outcome was

      exactly the same. 3 beeps per RAM module, regardless of which slot the RAM is placed in.


      I suspect this may be a motherboard issue but the seller of the motherboard has been quite unresponsive so far. This is the first time I've tried

      to set up a system with ECC RAM, though I've years of experience setting up desktop PCs.



      Any help greatly appreciated.