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    Need help with Iris 540 driver continually crashing on Surface Pro 4 i7/16/256


      I have a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, with an i7 CPU, 256GB SSD, and 16GB RAM. The Iris 540 driver crashes within a couple minutes of bootup, ever single time. I'm not the only one with this issue, acording to the Microsoft support boards. (I know that others are experiencing an issue where the Intel display driver will crash when trying to resume from sleep, but this is not that problem.)


      Any of the four Intel Iris 540 display drivers I have found will crash within a couple minutes of bootup during use. To be more clear, the screen goes black and has to be powered off by holding the power button; there is no recovery or error message. The only stable driver I've managed to use is the Microsoft Generic Display Driver, which seems to be doing everything in software, avoiding the Iris chipset altogether.


      Is anyone else having this problem, or just me? Did I get bad hardware? My SP4 is an i7/256/16, the model just released on 11/25/2015. Here are the drivers I have tried:


      Build Driver date
      4236  11/20/2015
      4236  11/18/2015
      4308  10/27/2015
      4256  07/17/2015


      Here is the output from DXDIAG when the driver is installed, but has not yet crashed: http://pasted.co/98e68195


      I have a thread open on Microsoft's support forums as well, but all they've done so far is to confirm that this is not expected behavior. (Duh!)



      Any help would be appreciated!!




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