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    PCIE x4 kyocera or similar connector missing, How to provide pcie x4 feature listed on NUC5i3MYHE model specs



      We recently purchased some units of the Intel NUC model NUC5i3MYHE

      These products were purchased to use the internal motherboard where, on intel site and public legal information about, it shows to have a pcie x4 port and support, by using the cited connector KYOCERA "Kyocera Series 6885 0.4 mm pitch FPC connector, p/n 00 6885 640 000 846"


      But kyocera have no cable with this reference and no one of our custom cable providers know where to have or provide a similar conector.


      We invested several money and time in the project in we are involved, that it is only possible with the NUC board (i3 or i5 MYHE MYHB) we purchased, above referenced, and as we didnt find, by any way, any company or provider that can supply the cited 0.4 mm FPC connector in order to get the NUC motherboard with a pcie x4 feature and working port, we wrote to intel.


      I write here in this intel forum, in order to know if any of you can help us with this situation.

      Is it possible that intel provide and manufacture a board with a future connector or connector that does not exists ?? that is not correct and might go to the legal court if this is true, as intel refeers to a connector with a brand name and model, ut this connector does not exist, or seems that no one knows about.


      Any idea or suggestion ?