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    Two i7-5820K PCs Showing Different Options in Intel XTU


      I just purchased two identical PCs.  Both are the HP ENVY Phoenix 850-065se.  I have XTU v6.0.2.8 installed on both.


      When launching the XTU, one of the PCs has quite a few more settings that can be modified than the other.  For example, under "Advanced Tuning", the "Memory" option is listed on one but not the other.


      I attached the "System Information" page from each PC to this message.  I cannot find any differences.  I have also check the BIOS line-by-line and do not see any differences.


      Any ideas why one would show more available settings to tweak than the other?  Is there a "reset" for the XTU?  Other ideas for what to try?


      PC #1:





      Thank you for any assistance!