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    intel hd 530 dont work on 2560x1600px


      Hi ,


      I have brand new two PC

      spec1  CPU INTEL Core i7-6700  GIGABYTE MB Sc LGA1151 Z170X-Gaming 3  Windows 10 64bit

      spec2  CPU INTEL Core i7-6700  MSI Z170A GAMING M3  Windows 10 64bit


      and profi Monitors

      spec1  HP LA2405  resolution 1920x1200

      spec2 HP ZR30w    resolution 2560x1600

      any PC and any Monitors does'n work . I use Dual DVI , Hdmi 1.4 all combination .  Bios update . I try all version intel HD vga driver , exactly , and beta

      If i manualy change resolution in intel control panel then Smaller monitors HP LA2405 works in resolution 1920x1200 , but no perfect . Large Monitor ZR30w dont work manualy resolution , still i have one option in resolution 1280x800 . Any update inf Monitor , bios , driver intel i try ....

      I think It is not a coincidence , intel HD530 dont work with profi Monitor I am very disappointed , i can't work ....

      thx for your solution , i hope so

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