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    Which NUC to go for -  NUC5CPYH or DN2820FYKH with N2830 SoC?


      Hey everyone,

      I am looking to get an NUC for my 4 year old niece. It will primarily be used for small learning programs and basic computer learning.

      The NUC will he connected to my main home network and FreeNAS for content sharing.

      I have shortlisted NUC5CPYH and DN2820FYKH as both are relatively cheaper than other NUCs and seem capable of serving the purpose.


      Now both are available for almost same price but one is latest gen and other is two years older.

      So I am  confsed that which should I buy.

      It seems that N2830 is quite faster than N3050.

      But DN2820FYKH is reaching is end of life and this could be problem when I may need to get it RMAed in future.