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    cpu fpo &atpo


      I have a i5 4590 that im trying to get rma on, but when i input the fpo and atpo it says i have a i3 2100 . FPO IS- X512B107.. ATPO IS- 2812..This is what is on the cpu ..This was bought at amazon 3 months ago.

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          Hi dbky,


          The processor itself contains 5 lines with information, on the second row you will see the model. I suggest you to verify Amazon’s processor invoice. If information is not matching contact them and request an exchange. The link below gives you an example of the processor markings. The Intel® Core™ i5-4590 has socket type 1150.


          If you have doubts with the processor model, please contact our customer support team and provide with invoice and picture of the markings.

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          Mike C