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    Need help with old Intel 810E chipset board?




      I am intelligent. My old Intel 810E motherboard went dead in my old computer. I have a new DG41TY but it won't accept old PCI cards. I want to use the PCI cards in my old 810E motherboard. Which of the 810 & 815 series had heat sinks on the nortbridge chipsets? There are some boards available with 810E chipsets from other manufactures but they lack a heatsink on the nortbridge chipset. And they burn after some time. Intel has stopped supporting this series long back but I am looking for a way to get these boards. I need such boads for older computers some of my friends have. (India/Chennai).


      The northbridge chipsets in these old motherboards do not have any metallic projections on the top. I can't just paste a heatsink on top. Is there a solution to this heat build up problem in old motherboards?


      Thanks in advance and will greatly appreciate any help.