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    SMBIOS Serial Number, the ITK and 6th gen NUCs




      I'm trying to get to the bottom of an issue with the 5th generation Intel NUCs. We have a large deployment of Intel NUCs and need to automate the provisioning of the OS using an existing toolchain. The main issue here is that the SMBIOS-related fields (shown in the NUC BIOS as "System Information") are blank on new, out of the box Intel NUCs we have purchased. The lack of a serial number is causing the OS imaging process to fail.


      It's my understanding that the solution to this problem is to use the Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK) to update the SMBIOS fields with the serial number that can be found in the "Board Information" section of the BIOS. This isn't ideal, but it is at least a solution.


      But, here's the kicker: ITK is "End of Support" and will not be available after the end of 2015. Can I take this to mean the 6th generation Intel NUCs will not have this issue? If not, what will be the remediation steps?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.