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    Boot issue about S1200BTL with HGST/sTec S1120 PCIe SSA




      I have a S1200BTL board, and a HGST/sTec S1120 PCIe Solid State Accelerater.

      S1200BTL Board

      BIOS   : S1200BT.86B.02.00.0041.120520121743

      ME     : ME_02_02_00_049

      BMC    : 1.17

      FRUSDR : 1.16


      HGST S1120 SSA

      FW: V0A5


      The Product Specification of S1120 said the SSA support UEFI boot. So my plan is using it as the boot, ESXi System and datastore drive.

      But I can’t boot it with my server which the motherboard is S1200BTL. So I must use a SATA drive as the boot and ESXi System drive.

      I can’t find the SSA in BIOS/PCIe Device page. And the EFI Shell don’t show any Filesystem or Device of it.

      I also tried to install Windows in UEFI mode. After the final reboot, I can see the Windows Boot Manager in Boot select screen, but no work. ENTER it, the screen will blink black and go back to Boot select screen.


      What should I do?