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    Isuues with graphics driver on Win7


      Hello everyone!

      I have issues playing videos from the internet.(streaming). They just don't seem right, the video is splitted into multiple blocks that are unsyncked. I only have the issue with online videos. (and sometimes, maybe while scrolling fast,..)
      I did everything I could, but there is one thing that failed and failed:
      trying to update my Intel graphics driver.
      I have a laptop with Intel Core i5, 3rd gen. Intel HD graphics 4000.
      First I had a old driver installed, after that I updated the driver. Now it is still now the newest. I tried more ways:
      1) installing via Intel driver Update Utiliy

      2) installing from exe

      3) installing from zip


      I got multiple errors or bad situations:

      -driver updated, but not to the latest version

      -computer is not compatible

      let me emphasize the first one:

      especially Intel Update driver utiliy tell me that I have version 10.x.y.... installed and that version 15.x.y.. is available. no matter what I do, while installing, the driver will install the audio driver and the the 10.x.y version. No 15. If I run intel update utility 10 times, each times installing, I am stuck at the same version and it tells me a newer one is available,..
      Any help would be apreciated.

      Thank you!

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          Hello TudorM,


          Could you please let us know the driver version you're running? Please go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.

          Have you tried with different browsers?

          Have you tried playing videos with video players?





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            Meanwhile, I switched to Windows 10 to see if things work fine here, and they are almost perfect.The problem is almost gone, but Windows 10 is not so stable and still has issues. I will try to do a clean install.

            Driver version:
            I have to mention that I got this version via the Update driver option from device manager..., Because, when I want to use Intel Driver Update Utility, after it finds the newest 15.x.y... version, I click download, it downloads, and when I click install it asks me:
            "You already have a newer version installed. Are you sure you want to,,.." Which is even more weird. So, drivers for Intel HD4000 + Intel update( but not necessarily) = fail. Please report this and solve the issue.I have to know wether my video playback issue is due to a hardware or a software problem. My laptop warranty is about to expire.
            p.s. I said "not necessarily, because trying to download the latest driver from Intel site still doesn;t give me the latest claimed update. I tried both: zip and exe for installation.
            Thank you for your support. I'm waiting for a reply.

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              In this case you do have the latest driver installed, drivers are often referred to by either build number or driver version. For example, the driver you currently have installed on your system is driver version and a build number 4276, the last four digits of the downloaded driver will indicate the same driver version.

              For more driver build information, please visit the following webpage: Graphics Drivers — Understanding The Intel® Graphics Driver Version Number.