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    Cannot Connect Second Monitor


      Good evening to everyone,


      I am working on the following machine:


      Dell Optiplex 3020

      Processor: Intel Core i3 - 4150 CPU @3.50 Mhz 3.50 MHz

      Windows 7 Professional

      8GB RAM



      From what i can see in the Computer, there are two outlets for monitors. One is a normal VGA and the other is a DiplayPort.


      I amusing the computer with a CQ1859s Compaq monitor connected to the VGA outlet.


      I want to use a second - same Compaq - monitor. So i have purchased an adaptor as per Αντάπτορας Display Port Αρσενικό σε VGA Θυληκό (18220) - 8com.gr and try to connect it.


      The computer seems to identify the second monitor however there is a blank screen and all the time the monitor is starting and then going to sleep.


      Tried to update the drivers but same results.


      Any guidance on the above will be highly appreciated.