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    Intel SSD 535) After Migration, What is this?


      Hello. I just bought Intel SSD 535 480GB today and install it in my laptop correctly. (Port 1 is HDD that I used, New SSD is on port 2. I didn't get rid of HDD yet. Because of storage.)


      I use the driver, for migration, which can be found in intel support download centre. (the name is Intel® Data Migration Software)


      Around 1 hour later, all migration works are done and I reboot my laptop. When I reboot my laptop, it was slow. So, I change the BIOS setting to start first with SSD.


      It was really really fast. But, I have a question about this.


      1. C drive.pngE drive.png

      Can I format E drive? Just right click and click the format button?

      As you see, almost same amount of storage are copied. I can guess E drive is my HDD drive because of maximum storage (it was 1TB) So, If the migration working is well, there is no problem when I format it.


      2. D drive.png

      What is D drive ? (시스템 예약 which is korean means system reservation, I don't know what that means)

      I have no idea about it. I was just using C drive only, but when I migrate my SSD, E drive = HDD good, but what is D? almost 100MB are wasting in my laptop! I enter the D drive but there is nothing. I also check out hidden files. But, all empty. What makes me curious is 28.1MB! Where that storage are working?


      3. My laptop's personal information is all missing after migration. Can't I restore it?

      For example, when I opened the Chrome, web browser, there is no extension program that I usually used. I have to re-download them! Maybe it can bother me. I don't wanna lose my time for them.


      Please read my Question and give me an advice. I need your help please~


      ps. Should I have to change the HDD and SSD ports for solving my problem? (That means, now port 1 - HDD, port 2 - SSD but after changing port 1 - SSD, port 2 - HDD)